Your Promise of Technology can be Intangible

Technology-enabled solutions are generally intangible sales. People don’t find the machine; they buy precisely what it enables. Average sales reps tend to perceive technology as being a tangible, so they target the functionality. Exceptional sales reps understand that customers only love the results the technological innovation enables, which is intangible. This difference in perception regarding the nature of technology will be the fundamental factor in deciding a sales person’s good results.

Technology is the actualization involving abstract theories. The more theories which have been actualized, the more highly effective the technology is. By way of example, there is a computer chip inside my car that makes me a greater driver. The computer chip senses the auto beginning to skid with a patch of ice considerably quicker than I can. It automatically sends messages on the anti-lock brake system hence the car responds to your changing road conditions before We are even aware there can be a problem. This simple application will be the actualization of theories that will span the disciplines involving physics, mechanical engineering, man perception, and computer software package. It would take a very long time to explain how all this worked. As a auto buyer, however, I only care about the belief that it makes me a new safer driver.

The additional sophisticated the technology can be, the greater the abstraction. Selling abstractions is over just relating benefits. It can be about linking the functionality in the technology to the desired result, which is the intangible promise in the technology. I can only appreciate the significance of the car’s laptop or computer controlled anti-locking device while i understand how it boosts my driving. If the salesman just explains anti-locking brakes, I don’t perceive the main benefit. If she tells me that We are a better driver, nevertheless doesn’t explain how, i then won’t believe her. She must help me understand their bond between the how your technology is applied plus the results that are imperative that you me before I will certainly value the technology.

Selling the significance of your technology.

The translation of fuzy theory into useful purposes that deliver strategic benefits will be the essence of selling price. Value is created if your customer believes the technology solution might help them accomplish their aims. To develop the customer’s conviction you should integrate their learning process using decision-making process.

The salesman must provide the customer while using right information at the correct time. Furthermore, it must be done in a way that increases the customer’s understanding of need, urgency to acquire and appreciation of the significance contribution of the option.

The information puzzle gets more complex as we combine the relentless rate of change linked to any technology solution. Because technology evolves and their applications expand, it becomes practically impossible to be current and informed regarding the solution. The body of information that this sales person draws upon to trade a technology solution is actually evolving. Products mutate. Brand-new technologies replace old versions. Competitors’ products change. Market segments accelerate. Each change has a number of implications for how customers buy plus the best ways to sell the perfect solution.

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