Thoughts Technology – Technology versus Nature

Over time technology has helped man to maneuver his physical body as well as things faster and faster and to increasingly more places he couldn’t proceed before.

Now technology is in a position to help man move his mind faster and also to more places just as. This technology is Thoughts Technology.

Mind technology is created from other technologies where it is based upon and making this possible. Technology for example electricity, electronic audio as well as computer.

What was once carried out at normal speed within the traditional way can right now be accelerated to hyper rates of speed with technology. It is like having the ability to travel in a supersonic jet whenever you once had to stroll.

Some people think it is advisable to do things the organic way than to depend on technology. But would you need to walk from one end from the Earth to another whenever you could fly there inside a supersonic jet? You wouldn’t even think of performing that!

It is possible to walk in one end of the Earth towards the other though, since all land is connected to one another from the North post. The Earth is actually one flat parcel wrapped around a sphere and never separate pieces around the world. But without technology, we cannot go the deepest parts from the ocean or even towards the moon.

The moment technologies is developed, we reached use it. We possibly progress or regress. All of us never stand still. Advancement of technology is caused by advancement in knowledge. Changing the way all of us do things by adapting technology is naturally of evolving our life.

Of course, just because we now have a supersonic jet, a car or perhaps a motorized wheelchair to make use of doesn’t mean we don’t train our ability in order to walk anymore. We still use what’s natural but we incorporate using technology as well. So the easiest method to live is to make use of both nature and technologies. We should never allow technology dominate our natural abilities but we ought to use it to improve them.

Technology is the natural consequence of man’s ability to believe. So technology is actually a part of nature. Technology and character are one. The only difference between what’s natural and unnatural is using it. Even things in nature may be used in unnatural ways.

Man has used the ability of the mind to build up technology. Consequently man has the capacity to use the power of technology to build up the mind. Mind develops technology to build up mind. At this grow older, humanity’s progress is likely to accelerate even as part of your before.

A man was found to possess virtually no brain whatsoever. His head was larger than normal size but their brain had shrunk to under one millimeter of cerebral tissue since the top of his spine. The student was struggling with hydrocephalus, the condition where the cerebrospinal fluid, instead of circulating round the brain and entering the actual bloodstream, becomes dammed up inside thereby squashing the mind. His head was practically full of fluid.

The 26 year aged student (1976) in the University of Sheffield in the uk had walked into the actual university doctor’s office with complaints of the cold. Somehow though, he’d lived a perfectly regular life. He had absolutely no signs of any psychological deficiency, had an IQ associated with 126 and an respects degree in mathematics!

The brain is really a receiver and not the entire warehouse storing our awareness. The brain is simply a guitar for the mind to contact the body. But your brain is not limited through the brain. It can even contact the body directly via nonlocal means.

You aren’t flesh. You are a power being using a bodily body to interpret as well as explore this reality. Studying matter from the actual perspective of energy allows you to understand and work by using it even better.

Mind technology goes beyond the mind. It assist in unleashing the paranormal powers from the mind. With it, you are able to meditate at the push of the button, increase mental wellness, open up the 6th sense and sharpen your own psychic abilities.

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