Recruiter Technology, Why Recruiters Must Embrace Technology

I have been around in recruitment for over 15 years and am a real believer in the usage of good technology within the particular recruitment process. This has led me to produce it a mission to help keep informed of what resources are increasingly being developed and made available on the technology front inside of recruitment.

I have therefore performed continuous and extensive research of this type and have been associated with developing software and tools specific to your industry.

This brings me to a interesting topic which has come up repeatedly during my research and also discussions with numerous interviewers, I am sure almost all recruiters have discussed this in total and with much passion sometime. The replacement of recruiters as well as the recruitment process by engineering!

I have heard from some clients along with recruiters that some sense our days are designated, as technology, for illustration on-line job portals and boards, both general and also in-house developed will shortly replace us.

These are my thoughts and findings with this issue:

Technology is great! A great resource for Recruiters and may be embraced with available arms.
Many recruiters that terrifies them technology, they would still prefer to do business with flip cards and point out that anyone using technology just isn’t a “Real Recruiter”!

My own experience is: ignore technology and “Real Recruiter” or not your organization is doomed, it is not going to progress far into the long run as a viable thing. You will be swapped out.

Technology is not an alternative for recruiters but a robust tool to assist us all, make us more successful, give us more attain, make us more competing. We should (in reality must) welcome it as much other industries and vocations do. How many accounting bundles are out their that could and perhaps do “replace” accountants in a few aspects, yet the demand for accountants remains high.

Why are we all so insecure about our own industry!

I am aware that recruiters as well as the recruiting industry has taken a battering more than a long period but a very important factor we can not doubt is that individuals are necessary, in reality essential! We too are always popular – even if some folk want to tell us otherwise.

We have had clients try their particular portal / on-line databases, only to realise just how difficult the recruitment function happens to be, mainly their own portals only result in more work and a smaller amount recruitment success, as they will get piles of replies, many whom they cannot use, but they still must manage.
They generally keep coming back for assistance, even when it is with their own portal as a possible additional tool.

Recruiters needs to be getting in first, begin to use the excellent technology accessible, become recruitment technology experts and use this knowledge in your favor, sell your knowledge regarding recruitment technology tools in your clients, make it an extra benefit to your consumers.

If clients want to utilize technology in recruiting we have to encourage it and be mixed up in process of decision making and choices concerning which technology is the best option. Introduce them to technologies with your expertise. This may seem being a bad business approach to those that feel they are vulnerable to losing their jobs to be able to technology, but if you explain and demonstrate to your clients how a variety of the right technology plus a knowledgeable recruiting professional will produce one of the most desired results, then an individual maintain control, you lead the method, you are able to produce yourself an indispensable area of the recruitment process.

This is way better then trying to persuade them never to use recruitment technology or perhaps waiting for your business using them to possibly shrink while they find appropriate technology themselves or locate a recruiting professional who is ready to guide them in this technique.

Developments in recruitment engineering are inevitable and in reality very necessary to make certain our industry, as well because the market in general, grows. We can not have got archaic recruitment processes trying to maintain with modern market individual resource demands.

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