Organization & Technology Crack

Many people say that this business drives the technology whereas a lot of people say that the technology drives the organization.

It is really unknown truley what is really responsible for what and I’ve got to say that the emergence in the information technology has really got even more complex. All the people who are going to complete the business and also the technology are really in dilemma truley what theory is correct. However We’ve different ideas. I feel that sometimes the technology drives the organization and sometimes the business devices the technology. In fact it can be right to say that the organization and technology are interdependent. I would like to prove the same by making use of this article.

Just think any time it was decided that each company really should have a board of directors. I must say that this is usually a very old practice. Even the ancient Romans too had this of their administration. I really feel until this indicate that the technology came afterwards so because of this business need lead to the evolution in the technology. For example the telegraph became famous as a result of Reuters. In deed it was the biggest news agency on the globe which first used the telegraph because of their work. There are many additional examples.

The industrial revolution which brought on the great change in neuro-scientific the business was ignited due to invention of the steam serp. This really made the business world grow fore fold throughout the globe. This gives us the indication that this technology played an important role for business for being global. In fact the technology is liable for the globalization of the organization.

But this does not imply the technology drives the organization. Yes, you can say that this technology increases the speed from which the business activities are executed. But saying that the business is driven with the technology is still not right.

Let me explain you another side on this topic. You know why your telegraph was discovered. Yes this happened because the business world needed this. The Reuters were the first to work with the telegraph and they become the best on the globe. Hence can we say that this technology works as the technologically advanced so that one business leads in the other? Yes this is the truth and this time were absolutely right. This is really it is important about the relationship between the technology plus the business.

One can only say that by making use of technology you can win the race and that is on among the rivalry business men. Let’s think about the issue in the first paragraph and I am quiet confident to convey that sometimes the business is driven with the technology and sometimes the technology comes into vicinity as a result of business needs.

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