Making use of Old Technology to Acquire Product Battles

Newer, more quickly, shinier – these are typical things that every merchandise manager wants their product being. Our hearts are filled up with product lust when we all see other products, inside our space or not, that have the latest & greatest great features.

Oh if only our product may have that cool new engineering also. Hang on a moment, it turns out that our products may be more successful if they don’t really have that cool fresh technology…

Life Support Regarding Products
If we will get over that new engineering lust thing, then perhaps we could talk rationally about this kind of. It turns out that if you genuinely wish to help your company’s important thing, then what your product might absolutely need is incremental innovation, not necessarily revolutionary innovation.

I’m not just a dreamer – I understand that VHS tapes, typewriters, and CRT televisions are not likely to be making a abrupt comeback anytime soon. The particular harsh, cold reality is the technology that your product is founded on is eventually going to be able to up and die 1 day. A product manager’s job is always to realize this and to try and push that day away from into the future in terms of he / she possibly can.

Harvard’s Dr. Mary Tripsas has looked at just how this is done. She believes that product managers could work to proactively manage the particular innovation endgame.

What this implies for your product will be that continuing improvements to give the life of the technology, particularly once you recognize just how attractive the profit margins on the old engineering are, can be a smart business decision – rather than necessarily a reflection of narrow-mindedness of your product manager who is unwilling to find out the future.

Making The particular Technology Jump – Or perhaps Not
Ultimately a product manger is in charge of the success of his or her product. When it concerns the technology that the item is build using, the product manager’s #1 goal must be to find ways to give the life of the item while still continuing to make the absolute most of profit.

As a fresh technology arrives on the particular scene, the product manager has to keep the old merchandise alive long enough the company can design, produce, and launch new products that have the new technologies. The main element is to finding out The way to go about doing this kind of.

Customers Come First
The trick to knowing how far better time your jump with a new technology is to look at your customers. Our customers come in all sizes and shapes and they all have different numbers of tolerance for dealing with all the risk that new technologies brings to the table.

What you should realize as a product manager is your customers are all planning to be moving at diverse speeds. Sure, some will start asking of a new technology initially that they read regarding it in a trade magazine; however, the vast most your customers are more dedicated to running their business as compared to what technology your product is created on.

Generally, adopting a product which is built using new technology will demand a little or plenty of investment on your customer’s part to be able to support the newest technology. The larger the particular investment, the longer most of your customers would want to put off making that.

How Product Mangers Can easily Balance Both Worlds
It is the responsibility with the product manager to create ways that your customers can gradually move into the future using new technologies independently schedule.

One way to achieve this is to borrow ideas from your new technology and learn to incorporate them into the prevailing old technology product so that you can extend its life. Among this would be the particular Toyota Prius. It’s really a gasoline car with a battery that it can use a number of the time. The world is nearly ready for an all electric car therefore by adding new technology to the sort of car that we already have we should be able to get a little closer to the future.

Old products could also be used to create a bridge that may allow customers to journey to the future. These forms of products combine elements regarding both old and fresh technologies. I own a great example of this sort of product: a hybrid VCR and DVD player. As DVD players begun to take over the industry, I was hesitant to get one due to enormous investment in kids movies on VHS tape that we had made. However, the VHS / DIGITAL VIDEO DISC combo player was the right solution for me – I really could continue to play my own VHS tapes while concurrently I could start to get DVDs.

Final Thoughts
Product Managers need not rush to incorporate every new technology within their products. Instead, understand your customer and learn if they need new technologies to be made available to them.

In the conclusion, a product manager has to keep a careful balance involving the technologies that his or her product currently uses as well as the new technologies that are arriving around the scene. Your career as well as the ultimate success of your business depends on the success of new services, but they have being funded by making keeping your overall products successful.

Don’t think of your older products as being so-called “cash cows” that you can get to be milked of these profits until they could be discarded. Instead, view them as moving stones to future products that ought to be maintained and upgraded so long as is reasonable in order to increase profits while concurrently buying the firm time and energy to get products that utilize the new technology right.

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