Knowing iBeacon Technology

iBeacon or Beacon as its sometimes referred to as, is a technology which allows mobile App users to pay attention for signals from beacons within the physical world. The iBeacon technology allows mobile Apps to provide hyper-contextual content to users depending on a location. This technology utilizes Bluetooth low energy.

Wireless bluetooth Low Technology

This is technology that’s used for transmitting information over short distances. Through its name, this technology consumes really low energy. According to the creators from the App, the Bluetooth low technology can last as much as 3 years for a passing fancy coin cell battery.

With regards to cost, the technology is actually 60-80% cheaper than conventional Bluetooth.

Bluetooth low energy is fantastic for simple applications that need small periodic transfers associated with data. Classic Bluetooth is the most accepted type of Bluetooth.

Exactly how iBeacon Works

As pointed out, the beacons installed inside your phone listen to sent signals and respond accordingly once the phone comes into variety. For example, if you pass a beacon inside a shop, the retailer’s shop will display a unique offer alert for a person. If you visit the museum, the museum’s app provides you with special information about the actual closest display.

iBeacon is an issue as it allows manufacturers, apps, and retailers to understand in which the customers are in the physical environment. Since the involved parties know in which the customers are, they can send valuable messages and advertisements within the customer’s phone.

How The actual Technology Differs From Additional Technologies

There are numerous ways in which iBeacon varies from other location-based systems. One of the variations is that iBeacon is really a one way transmitter towards the receiving device. You also must possess installed the iBeacons application in your device that you should interact with the beacons.

Points To notice

Although, the iBeacon technology is made to pass advertisements, the adverts defintely won’t be a bother to you since the technology doesn’t send ineffective messages. Also, the technology won’t deliver notifications until confirmed threshold is attained.

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